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Natural Medicine

Yoga Therapy

An Ancient Science

Ayurveda is the oldest medical model in the world. It is the foundation of both Western and Eastern Medicine. 

Ayurveda literally is sanskrit for "the Science of Vitality and Longevity."


Through ancient knowledge I will assist you in learning more about your body type, known as a . It helps to bring awareness of areas of stress accumulation in the mind, body and spirit and provides a roadmap to wellness through lifestyle medicine. 

Yoga Therapy uses tools such as:


Asana or Postures for improving flexibility, strengthen and balance.


Breath to improve alertness, stress relief, relaxation and nervous system toning. 


Mediation to improve stress response, soothe the nervous system and train the brain to respond and not react to our environment. 

Diet relating to your unique constitution aiding you in making choices that turn into habits that help maximize health and diminish inflammation. 

Ayurvedic consultation to determine your body/mind type and determine best methods for stress management in your life. 

Call today to see how the ancient Science of Longevity and Vitality can be of service to you!

Yoga Therapy: Services
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