Wellness Classes

For Fellow Clinicians and the General Public

In 2016 I developed a Complimentary Alternative Medicine Certificate for Southwestern Oregon Community College. It was a year long certificate for clinicians to learn methods in reducing stress that leads to imbalance. This certificate covers subjects such as Ayurveda & the Principles of Eastern Medicine, Meditation & Mindfulness, Aging With Grace, Healthy Bones & Movement, Intro to Chinese Medicine & the Dao Yin and Clinical Applications for Clinicians.


Although open to the general public the certificate is designed to promote a "Lifestyle Medicine" dialogue with physicians, nurses, therapists and other clinicians with their patients to aide in stress management techniques in the treatment room. 

I also offer personalized and group classes for Licensed Massage Therapists and Registered Yoga Teachers to gain their required CEU's. 

I teach CEU Courses in:

Ayurveda & Massage

Healthy Joints, Bones & Movement

Chronic Pain Management for the Lower Back

Meditation & Mindfulness

Infrared Integration Into a Wellness Practice

Stress Management in the Modern Era

Yoga Class