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Infrared Light Therapy

Innovative Technology

Infrared Light Therapy also known as Deep Tissue Laser therapy is widely used by Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Occupational Therapist and Sports Medicine Doctors to decrease pain and improve healing outcomes and efficacy in the treatment room.

I have worked with infrared since opening my first clinic on the island of Kauai in 2004 where I worked with clients that suffered from diabetic neuropathy and non-healing ulcers. As my clinic grew I began to treat sports injuries, tendonitis, carpal tunnel and fasciitis. I have since expanded my practice to include multiple units for treatment in the office, rentals for clients to bring home and clinicians to try in their practice as well as for sale for lifelong use at home or in the office. 

Often I am asked "How Can Light Be So Effective at Healing?"

Infrared works by improving the flow of Nitric Oxide (NO) in the blood stream. NO is responsible for the cascade of healing events in the body. It improves:


Microcirculation (up to 3,200% in 20 minutes)


Osteoblast/Osteoclast Proliferation

Collagen Formation

Nerve Cell Function

Lymphatic Flow (reduces swelling with Edema)

Elasticity of Facia 

Flexibility of Tendon/Ligaments/Muscles

Aiding the mitigation of pain and reversal of the pathology of conditions such as:


Muscle Sprains/Strains



Diabetic Neuropathy

Non-Healing Ulcers

Frozen Shoulder

Trigger Finger

Tendonitis/ Tennis Elbow

Fasciitis/ Plantar Faciittis 

Carpal/Tarsal Tunnel

Broken Bones

Post Surgical Recovery (up to 60% faster recovery)

Back Pain

Leg Cramps

TMJ/Temporomandibular Joint Pain


More recently it has been a star player for estheticians for its unique ability reverses the signs of aging due to the improved formation of collagen, the protein that creates the plump and fullness in youthful skin. 

If lack of circulation is the cause, infrared can likely help.

Infrared Therapy is widely used by the Army Rangers, Navy Seals and many pro sports teams to decrease pain and inflammation while improving healing time up to 60%.

I have assisted with opening dozens of clinics in California, Oregon and Hawaii that use Infrared to help bring healing to their communities. If you are a clinician who is interested in offering Infrared Therapy in your practice I can help you make that dream a reality. From unit purchase, staff training, marketing and implementation and insurance billing resources.


I have clinical model units available to rent as well as for sale. 


For more information call my office. 

Infrared Light Therapy: Service
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